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Solar Dealers in Chennai


      We are the world class Solar in Chennai to make solar energy affordable, available and hassle free to customers at reasonable rates.We are in the Electrical Engineering field since 1990 . We installed M.W plants in Thirunelveli, Kovilpatti, Kalingapati and Nazarath etc. We are well versed in Liasning with Government/CEIG / Ministry /TNEB Department Officials in getting all sorts of approvals and permissions. Our Technical team is having an excellent knowledge in designing, drawing and looking after getting all approval in respect of the Solar Power Plant. We are specialized in Solar Inverters, Solar water pumps, Solar power plants both commercial and Residential applications. We are having complete solar power solutions for all applications. We are having sufficient man power both skilled and semi skilled in installation of the Solar Powers with direct guidance, supervision of Qualified Engineers.

      Our product is very economic and with competitive price. We designed and installing the Solar Panels as per the requirement of the customers with moderate price, less margin. Our main aims are to satisfy our customers and ensure to enjoy the benefits of their electrical dreams. Our Panels are highly quality and cheaper than other competitors. Our Solar Panel Power supply a comparatively ver cheaper than the normal conventional current supply getting from our Government (TNEB). We are having a team of work to attend any power break and to restore the power supply within the stipulated time. We are having sufficient transportation facility to mobilize our Engineering Team both for installation and maintenance. Please spare a time to see our product pages without hesitate.


ALFA TECH SOLARS are the expert in designing, fabricating, installation and maintenance of Commercial Solar Power Plants. Our plants are suited for reliable and economical power supply to commercial aspects like Schools, Colleges, Offices, Industries, Malls etc. We are designing the Power Plant with standard requirements for extreme weather and industrial working conditions. We can use approved spares and components in our plants. We added mainly with safely precautions and ensuring long life and trouble free solar power supply. Our design selection of sizes, power rating and aesthetic finishes makes it suitable for any commercial/business applications. Our design feature is mainly looking for good returns on the investments.


ALFA TECH SOLARS technical wing having good experience in designing, erection and maintenance of House/Bungalows Solar System. Our system is very economical and good quality range of products. It can be installed in all individual houses, apartments, Flats, Bungalows, Shopping complex, Hostels, and Community Halls. It will be designed and fabricated as per the load requirement and to be ensured uninterrupted power supply in all seasons. Our Technical team is designed with special features for individual houses with less maintenance. It can be put on off-grid, on-grid or hybrid. It can be designed and fabricated as per the load requirement of the individual consumers. We are marketing our products to our customers. The power factor and usage of power consumption for all electrical appliances like TV, Lights, Fans, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air conditioner, Electric Over. Water motors etc. Day by day we are upgrading our design and technical know-how according to the demands and requirements of the customers in the market. The main things are very much appreciable by our customers is our product is in competitive price.


ALFA TECH SOLARS is also having good expert hands in designing, installing and maintenance of solar water pumps. Our designed Solar Powered Pump is pumping out the water from Borewell or open well with the help of solar energy. There is a special device is used for storing water in to the Over Head Tank. The technology is adopted by us is very simple and polluted free friendly environmental manner and it is less maintenance. Our customers are fully satisfied with its functional ability and maintenance free. There is more demands for our products in the market. We are supply and installing our Solar Water Pumps with competitive price a d less margin.


ALFA TECH SOLARS is the vast experienced and well organized for erection, commissioning and maintenance of Solar Street Lights. Our Technical people is having thorough technical knowledge in designing the Lights and light posts on different models and illuminating the lights with highest brightness and with good looking at very moderate prices. We are having full set of Technical know-how for assembling solar module, LED Battery posts and its connected accessories. These Solar Street Light Posts are long lasting and cheaper price. The designs of the Street Lights are designed by our technical wing according to the location, area, atmosphere and situation of the site where it need to be erected. ..